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What is AdScale?

AdScale is an artificial intelligence machine learning platform that automates & optimizes advertising campaigns on Google Search, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and Bing.  You set your goals with one budget on one control panel and the system manages bids and budgets based on performance. For e-commerce it effortlessly creates your ads and integrates directly to your e-commerce platform to promote each active inventory item. 

We work 8000+ advertisers and media agencies worldwide to increase profitability, and growing.

How can AdScale help you increase profitability?

  • Automatically boost account performance by 30% or more
  • Offloads tedious tasks
  • Saves 80% of time spent on AdWords to invest it in strategic & creative tasks

What Do We Offer?

· Automated Budget Management

· Advanced Configuration Tools

· 24/7 Bid Management

· Quality Score Improvements

· Click Fraud Protection

· Customized Branded Reports

· Insightful Dashboards

· And more…

Seeing is believing, check it out now!

See how much your AdWords account could be improved, with our (Link) Performance Simulator.


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